In bob, head over to the 'Analytics' tab to access all reports.

The reports are segmented as follows: 

Address History: Historical of all employees' addresses

Audit: History of all changes made by anyone on an employee's profile

Changes: Employee changes

Children: Children data taken from the 'Home' category

Deductions: Deduction data taken from the 'Payroll' category

Demographic Data: BeneTrac Report

Employment: Work history, Employment history and Right To Work reports

Entitlements: Entitlement data taken from the 'Payroll' category

Equity: Equity data taken from the 'Equity' category

General: Engagement, leavers/joiners, contact lists

Lifecycle: Employees' Lifecycle data

Pay & Benefits: Payroll export and benefits overview 

Pay & Gender: Payroll and gender overview

Permissions: Employee permissions groups overview

Point in Time: Detailed insight into your organisational structure at any point in time

Salary History: Easily track historical salary changes within your organisation

Talent: Feedback and Goals overview

Task Lists: All triggered Task Lists report

Time & Attendance: Track and report timesheets submitted across your organisation

Time off: Track and report on leave and balances across your organisation 

Training: Training data taken from the 'Training' category

Variable Pay: Variable Pay data taken from the 'Payroll' category

In order to access one of the reports, simply click on it and you'll be presented with the data in a table view, after which you can apply your own filters and specify your own reporting lines. 

To generate a new report altogether, click on 'New Report':

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