Each of your employees in Bob has their own profile which stores all of their private and professional information. The profile is segmented into the following sections: 

  • Basic Info
  • Personal Details
  • Identification
  • Work Details
  • Address
  • About
  • Financial 
  • Work Eligibility
  • Employment
  • Payroll
  • Equity
  • Emergency
  • Training 
  • Lifecycle
  • Secret 

The tabs themselves carry their own permissions. So, for instance, an employee by default can't edit their own payroll information. 

You can then prompt employees to populate their own data. This adds an element of self-service for employees meaning HR can spend more time focusing on making your organization a great place to work, and less time populating spreadsheets.

Making Changes to a Profile

There are two types of sections in an employee profile; tables, which track historical changes in a profile, and basic sections 

Basic Sections
You can make changes to the basic type sections simply by clicking on the pencil on the top right corner of the section as follows:

Table Sections
For Bob to maintain historical data new entries are added to the table with a corresponding effective date. Examples these changes are promotions, terminations, lifecycle changes, lateral moves, transfers, manager changes, ect.. To edit these sections simply click on the pencil on the top right corner of the section as follows:

Custom Tabs & Custom Fields 

Can't see the field you're looking for? You can add custom tabs and fields.

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