There are plenty of benefits from using bob’s Clubs feature. We are always adding more to Clubs to make it an even better engagement tool for your business.

Here are three super useful things you can do with Clubs (and a demonstration of how it works):

  • Welcoming new employees - When a new employee receives their email invitation to access bob, one of the first things that they see is a Clubs based breakdown of the company showing which clubs their co-workers are part of. 

  • Creating closer relationships between colleagues - We’ve all been there. Sitting next to someone and not knowing a thing about them, like your shared love of Guatemalan folk music, or their membership to the Magic Circle. Clubs give everyone the opportunity to learn a little more about their coworkers. 

  • Identification of employee needs - If you understand your employees better, you’re able to select benefits that will be more useful to  them. For example, if you know that 40% of your team likes cycling, a cycle to work scheme could be a great idea. Alternatively, if you know that 60% are huge sushi fans, you'll have a better idea of where to book a company meal out

Administrators are also able to use the clubs view to group by department, salary, gender, and other more sensitive information.

bob also allows you to create your own custom Club views so, for instance, you could create a club for everyone with their hobbies set as yoga and organise some zen-like team bonding. Namaste.

If you like, you can also export a real-time clubs view and place it on your own website to show off your culture to the world! Have a look at ours.

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