Each of your employees in bob has their own individual profile which stores all of their private and professional information. It's segmented into the following sections: 

  • Work
  • Personal
  • Payroll
  • Financial 
  • Training 
  • Secret 

The tabs themselves carry their own permission rights. So, for instance, an employee by default can't edit their own payroll information. 

You can then prompt employees to populate their own data. This adds an element of self-service for employees meaning HR can spend more time focusing on making your organisation a great place to work, and less time populating spreadsheets.

Work Changes 

You can create and edit fields in the work tab as follows

Payroll Changes

Editing the payroll section operates in the same way as the Work section :)

Importing Calendar and Working Patterns

If you have employees that work different patterns to the site they are assigned to, you can give override it by:

  • Bulk import - see the template linked above
  • Editing the employment record or adding a new row if it is an employment change - see below

Custom Tabs & Custom Fields 

Can't see the field you're looking for? You can add custom tabs and fields.

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