bob’s Shoutouts allows you to announce company events, people’s milestones, send reminders and spotlight the hard work being done by your team.  

Sending a Shoutout 

Start by clicking on COMPOSE SHOUTOUT on the home page.
You can add an image or a gif to your
You can post a picture, gif or add a hyperlink. Mention specific employees to give them a kudos by the common language of @. Employees can react to a shoutout with an emoji to the post. 

Choose the audience by selecting who to send the shoutout to, only the employees selected will be able to see the shoutout. You can select by site and or department.


Need to find out what employees want for an office lunch? Want to ask a certain office where the next off site should be? Want to scope interest for a company benefit?
Send out a poll!

Having this kind of real time information will make it much easier for you and your managers to regularly get feedback from employees in a fun and engaging way.

Setting up a Poll 

To setup a poll, click on COMPOSE SHOUTOUT and then the chat icon in the popup.
Add an image or gif and select the audience as you would with a regular shoutout. Edit the option by clicking in the text fields and add more options by clicking the circular button. 

Please note that each employee can only vote once and polls are only open for 48 hours.


Want employees or managers to be able to send shoutouts? You are able to define who is able to post and manage shoutouts in the Roles & Permissions section of Settings.

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