This is the directory of all the employees in your business and every detail you need to know about them. From the functional stuff like important numbers(National Insurance, Social Security, Tax Numbers) and salary details, to the more personal stuff like hobbies and birthdays.

Navigating the people directory is super-easy. You can quickly sort your people by their team, site, status and other fields, all using the report controls highlighted below:

Use the column picker to easily create a custom report (view) within bob. Columns are available for every field within your employee profile.

Bulk Actions

Need to trigger a workflow for a specific group of employees? Or make sure everyone reads the company’s new HR policy? The bulk actions feature can be used to trigger employee actions within bob.

Saving & Downloading Reports

You can easily save any custom reports within bob and they'll automatically filter down to your 'reports' section. You are also able to download your report in different formats if needed.

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