Company Docs

The ideal place to store all the company docs that are floating around your computer or office. You can store anything from policy information to employee handbooks. It is best used for files intended to be shared with the whole company or a group of employees.

From this folder you are able to: 

  • Preview and download the doc 
  • Assign a doc to employees
  • Request read approval 
  • See a doc’s status (who has read it and who is still pending). 
  • Tag a doc to help keep this section organised

To trigger actions on a document, or see its properties, left-click on the doc and the menu will become visible.

Public Docs

Documents in this folder can be accessed by admins and employees alike.

Internal HR policies, company guidelines, and resources no longer need to be shared with your team on an ad-hoc basis. Simply upload them to the Public folder and they’ll be available to your company right way.

Organising your docs

You can assign each doc a custom made tag. This will allow you to sort the docs by your specific criteria. In order to create or edit a tag, left-click on the doc, select edit tags, name the tag, press enter and voila! A new tag has been created. If the tag has already been created it will appear in the drop down menu to be selected.

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